Episode 100: My Parenting Long Game (as a Parent With Big Feelings Raising Kids With Big Feelings)

While I’ve shared a lot of parenting strategies on this podcast, in this 100th episode I’m going to share some tools that I use to maintain my own parenting long game… even though much of what I teach doesn’t come naturally to me. I will tell you how I maintain my cool (most of the time), despite the fact that I am very sensitive to my kids, both of whom have pretty big emotions!

Om Podcasten

This podcast is for parents who not only want to short-term tips for handling current kids' behaviors and moods, but who are exhausted from addressing the same situation over and over and want to find solutions that last much longer into the future. Because you will receive plans and step-by-step tools, it's also for parents who crave feeling in control -- and who do much better with structure than the chaos traditionally associated with parenting.