Cindy Edelstein | Are You Assertive or Aggressive?

With the awakening of the ‘Me Too’ movement and women around the world stepping into empowerment, how do we avoid taking assertiveness to levels of aggression after being suppressed for so long? In this week’s episode Nicola helps explore the upturn of women finding their voice and expression running into the potential of becoming more aggressive and how to balance this.  Discover steps to identify whether your passionate assertive approach may be received as aggressive and what to do about it, and why this may be happening. Join Nicola’s wonderful guest, Cindy Edelstein, LMFT as she shares her life experiences from 23 years as the Head Set Designer for over 30 television shows and movies and her transition into a therapist using art as one of her tools for deep connection and self-awareness; along with her fabulously clear and direct perspectives on how men and women now express themselves; role reversals; her insights about the ‘Me Too’ movement as the tip of the iceberg that is more intensely awakening women’s plights worldwide; and why safety is so important in a relationship and how to go about creating it. Links LINKEDIN: Cindy T.L. Edelstein PROFILE: Cindy Edelstein on Psychology Today Essential oils from Doterra

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