Linda Finlayson | 4 Tips on How to Connect with Your Courage

Nicola shares today 4 tips to help you speak up, speak out and then be prepared to take action as you connect with your courage at work and in life.  A valuable episode for those looking to make a change. Plus discover today’s powerful personal story of courage to change from Nicola’s guest Linda Finlayson, Director of Operations for the Missing Peace for Anxiety Center. Her courage to save herself and her son, whilst she was experiencing post-partum depression and alcohol addiction. Find out how with so little, and just having giving birth, with no job she knew she had to take steps to change her life, and hear what happens next as she opens up and is honest about her situation. You will hear more about postpartum depression, how it affects us, how we try to cover it up and where to go for help if you feel this is something that challenges you. This  is an open, honest, candid episode with practical guidance. Links WEBSITE: WEBSITE: EMAIL:

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Welcome to Your Unique Brilliance Podcast with a weekly fresh flow of guidance, inspirations, tips and conversations designed to help you empower your work and life effectively, create your vision, and reconnect to living your greatest diamond potential by discovering your unique brilliance for success. It is time to own your value and motivate your desire for daily excellence into a reality. Nicola Salter is British and lives in Los Angeles, she has been a life path Mentor for over 23 years and shares her personal experiences and the mentoring techniques she uses with many female entrepreneurs and women looking to create a new fulfilling career or business for themselves that balances their lifestyle with success and financial freedom. This podcast focuses on becoming your best self, discovering and expressing your voice, your truth and creating new choices.