Maryna Allan | Are You Suffering In Silence with Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression?

If you or someone you know is suffering with anxiety, panic attacks or depression at work, discover some ways in which you can help manage these symptoms, move away from being ashamed or embarrassed with some tips that Nicola uses with her own clients, and learn from today’s guest, the wonderfully gifted Maryna Allan who is a hugely experienced Qi Gong Instructor and Practitioner, a quick and easy 5 minute daily routine that will help you stay calm. You will hear Maryna’s own personal story of how she went from being a Dancer and Choreographer to learn through her own periods of anxiety, poor health along with becoming a single mom and starting a new job outside of her comfort zone; energy medicine, qi gong and other profoundly effective methods to get her own health back on track, manage stress and move away from the ‘label’ of anxiety. This is a profoundly honest and open interview offering practical insights into how to calm your fight or flight response, understanding your body’s energy meridians and their role in anxiety and depression. Mental health disorders are affecting people of all ages, and Nicola hopes that this episode may help to begin to remove the stigma of anxiety at work, as we all come under the bombardment of data and details, on a daily basis, affecting our mental and emotional well-being. Links WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: White Feather Wellness Essential oils from Doterra

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