Pia Olivia Christiansen | Why Reflecting, Reframing and Redirecting Your Life Can Make a Powerful Impact

What do you do when you are busy meeting your goals, leveraging business and suddenly new opportunities suddenly appears on the horizon? Will these distract you? Will you put this opportunity on the back burner for a while? But what if this opportunity could take you to a new level, and if you don’t explore it you could miss out? Find out in this week’s episode the power of recognizing a new opportunity, its value, and whether to act on it when you are knee deep in all of your purpose driven projects and questioning whether this opportunity could be a distraction. Discover how to weigh up your decision on moving forward and hear Nicola’s fabulous guest Pia Olivia Christiansen live from Denmark, share how she was given an opportunity in Los Angeles then suddenly found herself leaving to back home to Denmark, and dive into a new arena she had never thought possible, because she manifested it. Pia combines great insights along with her own personal tendencies for worrying about things that usually don’t happen, and why this is an old pattern she is breaking free from, that offers listeners a great opportunity to apply to their own lives. She shares how she took a break to reflect on her career and is now driving forward with an even stronger political mission, new determination and a brand new team to help her do this. You can find out more about Pia at Facebook.com/piaoliviachristensen

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