Susan Berkowitz | 4 Steps to Financial & Spiritual Wellness

This week’s episode humanizes our approach to money and the balance we can create with our financial self and spiritual self without sacrificing either.  Discover the deeper more connected place that Nicola’s lovely guest Susan Berkowitz comes from as an expert tax saving strategist and preparer for over 15 years, entrepreneur and truly understands the challenges some women face when it comes to saving for their futures. Nicola shares some super insights about the flow and vibration of money and how your energy and intention will allow your money to work for you just as much as you work for it. Find out what connecting to your spiritual wellness truly means by allowing your financial wellness to flourish and allowing money to become an extension of your essence. Plus 4 tips you mustn’t miss to help you balance your financial and spiritual wellness to overcome your lack mentality.   LINKS: WEBSITE: EMAIL:

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