Yani Brancato | 3 Effective and Simple Steps to Manage That Moment of WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!

This honest episode helps us to look at our lives in a new way when everything just seems to go wrong, or we happen to fall sick, get a serious health issue, get fired, or can’t quite get it together to create a project we want to bring out into the world. Discover how to best manage and embrace these times, with insights, mindset shifts and clues to watch out for. Nicola’s courageous guest today is Yani Brancato who is a veteran Pilates Instructor shares her pivotal moment of “Why is this happening to Me?’, when she discovered a Hodgkinson’s Lymphoma mass that literally turned her life upside down but reconnected and transformed her life to place of deeper connection, celebration and new beginnings. Plus discover more about the mind and body connection, how our bodies give us clues for a long time prior to a challenging health situation; how our choices with our emotions and we react to things can also lead us down the rabbit hole; and how best to manage the mind shift that is needed when we need to re-evaluate our lives and begin to make new choices that seem forced upon us, and why. As usual a fascinating and packed episode bringing you insights and perspectives to support change in your life and self-awareness. Links INSTAGRAM: @contrologist LINKEDIN: Yani Brancato VIDEO: Aromatherapy Apothecary: Using Essential Oils to Balance Our Emotions Essential oils from Doterra

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