Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and the Game of Real Life with Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Creative Jesse Finkelstein

Jesse Finkelstein, PsyM, is on a mission to make effective mental health treatments accessible to everyone, especially in these turbulent post-pandemic times when nearly 20% of adults in the US are experiencing a mental health illness.  Jesse is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at Rutgers University and a DBT therapist. He is also the creator of The Game of Real Life, a one-of-a-kind card game rooted in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). In the episode we discuss: Making a career pivot to engage more directly with mental health and well-being Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, what it is, and Jesse’s dedication to this work Mindfulness meditation and well-being daily practices How to make our thoughts more effective Identifying helpful vs. unhelpful thoughts Being more intentional about our internal dialogue The validity of our feelings, how to acknowledge and accept feelings.  My experience in Landmark Forum Pain, grief, and loss and how the things that cause us pain also reveal what’s important to us Creating a self-compassion toolbox The Game of Real Life is a fun and accessible way to learn how to cope effectively and achieve your goals within the framework of a card game. Based on the principles of DBT, the game offers skills to increase the quality of relationships, develop mindfulness, reduce stress, and prevent burnout. Learn more about Jesse on the podcast blog and follow along on IG: @talkisgood Want to chat about this episode? Text me 📲 at +1 (323) 405-9256 Upcoming events to know about: Manifestation Blueprint - a 4-module self-guided virtual course designed to teach mystically minded people how to create a personalized plan that makes life more abundant and utterly magical is open now. ✨ BALI RETREAT✨ March 27 - April 3, 2023 (open to all) - hold your space by visiting Oui, We Studio (@ouiwestudio). The studio is designed to empower you and support your personal well-being. The courses and retreats offered inside the studio are focused on Manifestation, guidance to pursue your highest calling, as well as personal and professional development. This show is produced, mixed, recorded + additional music by T'Ben Alleman Closing music: Pet Fangs

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