Redesigning Your Story with Artist, Author, and Wellness Community Builder Justin Shiels

Today’s show guest is professional creative, author, and artist Justin Shiels. In this episode, we talk about how to tap into our life shifts to rewrite our narrative and redesign our story. Justin shares his experience of manifesting a book deal while in the process of a major life pivot. Justin is a dynamic leader and friend with whom I’ve had a relationship for over a decade. We’ve each shifted, evolved, and transformed in many ways throughout our friendship - today, we talk about what it takes to reset along the path to big leaps. He recently quit his full-time job to write and illustrate a book while building a community around wellness. He's the founder of SoCurious, a weekly wellness newsletter designed to help you live a happier, healthier life. In the episode, we discuss: Getting back to who we were as children Justin’s journey: moving to a new city, taking a job as a creative director Quitting his job to illustrate a book and build a wellness community Embracing and owning the word “artist” Why Justin believes side hustles are a good thing How not being able to buy a house encouraged Justin to take the big leap The advice Justin would give to someone interested in following his path The process of getting a book deal Learning to rewrite your moments  and restructure your narrative Honesty, integrity, and learning how to have difficult conversations How therapy will help you recognize your patterns Tips on combatting negative self-talk Letting go of perfectionism What happened when Justin committed to a 30-day reels challenge The books that significantly impacted Justin’s life as a creative Justin’s non-negotiable self-care rituals Justin’s definition of wellness How those working in the wellness space can ensure it’s more accessible Learn more about Justin and this episode on the podcast blog. Want to chat about this episode? Text me 📲 at +1 (323) 405-9256 Upcoming events to know about: Soul Strategy Readings are open - find clarity of purpose, and discover what your soul incarnated to do. ✨ BALI RETREAT✨ March 27 - April 3, 2023 (open to all) - hold your space by visiting Oui, We Studio (@ouiwestudio). The studio is designed to empower you and support your personal well-being. The courses and retreats offered inside the studio are focused on Manifestation, guidance to pursue your highest calling, as well as personal and professional development. This show is produced, mixed, recorded + additional music by T'Ben Alleman Closing music: Pet Fangs

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