Secrets of Manifestation: How to Get What You Want This Season

Creating the life of your dreams is not just a hobby or a spiritual side project. It's everything. Keeping your vision at the center drives you forward with clarity, confidence, and direction. In this episode, we’re taking a deep dive into secret Manifestation strategies to implement as the season changes and as we celebrate re-opening the Oui, We Studio FREE Manifestation Masterclass. In the workshop, begin your journey to a soul-led life that attracts with simple, approachable guidance! You’ll learn four steps to supercharge your manifestation practice. In this episode, we discuss the benefits of: Creating sacred space Practicing mantras to rewire thought patterns Envisioning protective light surrounding you Releasing energetic binds with a cord-cutting practice   If you’re interested in taking the class, pick your favorite time and listen in so I can share all of ^^^ that with you, and we can head into this next season of alignment and expansion together. Remember, it’s not all quantum leaping. It’s just one step at a time. And THIS is an essential first step! This episode also includes secret manifestation strategies designed to help you change your mindset. Read more on the podcast blog and tune in to learn about what happens when you: Spend more time with people holding qualities you aspire to Practice rituals that help you feel good and shift your vibe Release your shame story Get clear and focused on your dreams  There are several recommended episodes to dive further into on the podcast blog as well! Want to learn more about Manifestation Blueprint? Go from vision to reality in just 4 lessons. Begin your journey onto a soul-led path with a system to lead you there, every step of the way. The Manifestation Blueprint is my course for learning how to manifest your desires so you can take on the next 12 months with intention. In the course, you’ll learn to Heal & release your subconscious limiting beliefs Restore your self-confidence & trust Reinvent your lifestyle Bring your entrepreneurial vision to life Grow your self-worth bank account Create empowered goals that stretch your imagination Become the receiver of magnificent wealth Honor yourself, set boundaries, and attract abundance Attune to a manifestation practice that works Register here. Want to chat about this episode? Text me 📲 at +1 (323) 405-9256 Upcoming events to know about: ✨ BALI RETREAT✨ March 27 - April 3, 2023 (open to all) - hold your space by visiting Oui, We Studio (@ouiwestudio). The studio is designed to empower you and support your personal well-being. The courses and retreats offered inside the studio are focused on Manifestation, guidance to pursue your highest calling, as well as personal and professional development. This show is produced, mixed, recorded + additional music by T'Ben Alleman Closing music: Pet Fangs

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