You're Invited

What Do You Do When You're Not Being Recognized?

av You're Invited | Publicerades 6/10/2021

Welcome to You’re Invited! A Human Design-inspired podcast for projectors and those who love them. Hosted by your fellow self-projected friend, Alex Cantone, here to guide you through the ins and outs of navigating projector energetics in real life.In this episode I discuss the importance of reframing the concept of recognition for ultimate projector success. Too often we projectors get caught up in receiving recognition for what we’re doing rather than who we are. In this episode I ask you to look at where you’re pushing in life that is holding you back from relaxing into all that you are meant to be seen and recognized for.No matter where you are on your Human Design journey, there is so much value in revisiting the basics to realign! Let's dive into the magic of waiting.This episode covers:A major reframe on projector recognitionThe reasons why you’re not feeling seenThe importance of being recognized for who you are, not what you do Questions to ask yourself when you’re feeling unappreciated How to start receiving the recognition you’re designed for Your profile lines and how they play a key role in your strategy as a projector Getting to the core of your desires for ultimate projector successExplore more projector resources in The ShopFollow me on IG: @alexcantoneWatch You’re Invited on YouTubeQuestions about the projector invitation? Submit your curiosities to and we might feature your question on the next episode!Support the show (

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A Human Design inspired podcast for Projectors and those who love them! You're Invited is a space where Alex, the 6/2 Self-Projected Projector behind @alexcantone, shares her stories and life lessons around navigating the world as a Projector, more specifically debunking the energetics around what it means when projectors are told to 'wait for the invitation.' Through these conversations, Alex, sometimes accompanied by other projector-guests, provides humorous insight weaved within practical tools for aligning with and magnetizing the correct invitations for you.