Fast, seamless and secure: the future of payments

As the most frequent customer touchpoint, payments are spearheading innovation in the financial industry. Our prediction: In five years’ time, instant payments will be the new normal when large or small amounts of money change hands. In ten years’ time, even spare change could be virtual, carried in smartphones in the form of digital currency. But contrary to conventional wisdom, banks still have a strong say in the payment market. However, they need to keep their innovation gears running fast to keep their no longer comfortable position.

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Exklusives Finanzdienstleistungs-Know-how von zeb auch als Podcast verfügbar. Unsere Podcasts behandeln Themen entlang der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette von Groß- und Privatbanken sowie von Regionalbanken, Versicherungen und Finanzintermediären. Wir sprechen über Managementthemen, Preismodelle oder künstliche Intelligenz, also alles rund um den Finanzdienstleistungssektor. In Gesprächen teilen unsere Experten ihr Wissen, ihre Erfahrungen und Einschätzungen zu aktuellen Studien, Projekten und Trends. Die Podcasts sind auf Deutsch oder Englisch. Exclusive financial services know-how from zeb consulting also available as podcast. Our podcasts cover topics along the entire value chain of large and private banks as well as regional banks, insurance companies and financial intermediaries. We talk about management topics, pricing models or artificial intelligence, in other words, everything related to the financial services sector. In conversations, our experts share their knowledge, experience and assessments of current studies, projects and trends. The podcasts are in German or English.