Dhawal Dalal talks about the new Bharat Bond ETF and the Indian debt markets

The Bharat Bond ETF by Edelweiss Mutual Fund opens for subscription today. This exchange traded fund (ETF) holds AAA-rated bonds issued by public sector enterprises. The Bharat Bond ETF is unique in a lot of respects. In this wide-ranging conversation, Dhawal Dalal, Chief Investment Officer - Fixed Income of Edelweiss Mutual Fund talks to Prateek Singh (Founder of LearnApp) about:

  1. Why the Indian corporate bond market is shallow
  2. Reasons for the lack of retail participation in the debt markets
  3. The role of debt in a portfolio and how to use debt instruments in a portfolio
  4. And finally, explains in detail what the Bharat Bond ETF is, the structure and the risk & rewards of the ETF

You can also check out this companion LearnApp video and this TradingQnA post for more details about the ETF.

Click here, if you wish to invest in the Bharat Bond ETF. 

Please enjoy this conversation with Dhawal.

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