S2, E15 What In The World?!

In today's episode, we are too TIED to repeat ourselves! There is simultaneously so much to talk about and little we haven’t said in previous episodes, so we're treating this as a moment to hold space, be in community with each other and you all, and really, just rant about what in the world is going on?! You'll hear an update from Brendane and Alyssa (and why she's joining one of the industrial complexes they mentioned in the last episode!). Discussed today: Roe vs. Wade and the Supreme Court leak Kevin Samuels The Met Gala Previous episodes to help you make sense of our current moment: S1, E6 Deathcraft Country S2, E5 The Emancipation of ZD: Black Feminist Futurity S2, E12 Villain Origin Story S2, E1 Liberation Don’t Cost a Thang S2, E4 Fleeing the Plantation ZD merch available here and the syllabus for ZD 202 is here! Let us know what you thought of the episode @zorasdaughters on Instagram and @zoras_daughters on Twitter! Transcript will be available on our website here.

Om Podcasten

What is cultural appropriation? Should Black people really get 40 acres? Is abolition even possible? Learn and unlearn about these and other hot topics of interest to Black folks as Alyssa and Brendane close read pop culture through the lens of academic scholarship and colorful insight. Our hope is that you will gain new perspectives that inspire you to start conversations and make real change.