Dragon Bytes Paediatric Podcast

En podcast av: Dr Assim Javaid and Dr Stacey Harris

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Https://www.dragonbytespodcast.com Twitter: @dragon_bytes Home of Dragon Bytes paediatric podcast. A medical education podcast created in Wales. The podcasts are made by paediatricians and aimed at trainee paediatricians or anyone interested in child health. Our podcasts cover a range of themes. Join us to find out about clinical topics in paediatrics, get advice on exams and assessments if you’re a trainee paediatrician, get career advice, or just listen in to our chats with paediatricians about their areas of non-clinical interest. There’s a new main episode every Monday and on Thursdays you’ll get a bonus episode of Dragon Bytes Basics, aimed at healthcare students, where you’ll get a quick summary of common paediatric conditions. Remember this is for educational purposes only and any advice heard here is not meant to supersede national or local guidelines where you work. Founded by Dr Stacey Harris and Dr Assim Javaid.