RFT presents: Star Wars - Shadow Quarry

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…. Part-time criminal Winston Trieste wants nothing more than to get off of Harbolla and make a name for himself in the droid trade, so he and his crew steal a ship from Imperial impound and attempt to leave the system for brighter stars. But when an aspiring young Imperial captain catches up to him, they must discover a way to either work together, or be destroyed as truths are revealed and loyalties tested. Shadow Quarry is the first in a series of audio adventures following Winston, Sina, and company on a galactic tale in a race against Imperial Captain Sollick and the crew of the Twilight Lynx. Written and produced by Radio Free Tatooine. Star Wars: Shadow Quarry is not endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd. or Disney and is intended for entertainment purposes only. Click here to visit the official Star Wars site. Star Wars, the Star Wars logo, all names and pictures of Star Wars characters, vehicles, and any other Star Wars-related items are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of Lucasfilm Ltd. or their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Kategori: TV och film

Antal Avsnitt: 2 st