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The Bossy. Type, hosted by Alyce Greer of Bossy

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The Bossy. Type, hosted by Alyce Greer of Bossy. Copywriting, is your unconventional how-to for building a bold business or personal brand through the power of words and sometimes, other creative stuff. The bonus? You’ll amass a cult following, make some cash and steal all of the attention in your industry. All without spilling a drop of rosé.You dream of running a crazy popular, successful brand, but you’ve got no idea where to start. You’re trying to do all the things you’re meant to, but have run out of time (and hands). You know you offer something unique, but have trouble communicating it. You suck at words, branding and/or being creative, and wish you had enough money to outsource.Every Tuesday and Friday, Alyce will dish her copywriting and brand-building tips through bite-sized lessons. When that gets boring, she’ll quiz experts on graphic design, branding, marketing and social media, and chat to the people behind your favourite bold brands, so you can learn from their stories, secrets and mistakes. As a regular listener, you’ll feel armed and ready to DIY (and dominate).Join the Bossy. posse by subscribing and for more copywriting, content and brand-building tips and resources, check out or @bossy.copywriting on Instagram.