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Welcome to The Relaxation OasisFollow Our YouTube Channel, Relaxing Music, Relaxing, Nature Sounds, Mediation Music, Sleeping Music, Sleeping, Sleepy, Drowsy, Dream, Study Music, Soothing Sounds - Soothing Sounds calm music and mediation music offers relaxing music to fall to relax, sleep, study, meditate, and/or elevate spirituality. Our soothing sounds raise positive energy, calmness, inner peace, and positive mindsets. Our music promotes metal clarity, spirit healing, and Soothing sounds music is an effective aids for falling asleep. Some songs include binaural beats promote lucid dreaming. This peaceful music is ideal for Yoga, meditation, stress relief, studying, anyone with anxiety, perfect for sleeping, and spiritual healing. Zen music will help you concentrate, motivate, and elevate your mind and spirit. This music, which has delta waves, binaural beats, and specific frequencies to promote the feeling of deep relaxation, is perfect for massages, the spa, and nature walks. Enjoy listening to the soothing sounds of nature and visual aids that will leave your mind, body, and soul rejuvenated. Choose an ASMR video from the play list that will send tingling sensations down your spine and succumb to the state of relaxation. Follow Our Channel on YouTube fore more videos, ASMR, visuals, and relaxation!