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Team Soft Landing - The Project

In this last part of our chat with Team Soft Landing, a project aimed at aiding international medical graduate paediatric doctors to work and life in the UK, we focus on the details of the Soft Landing project, what they're aims are and how they plan to support international medical graduates. This weeks guests from Team Soft Landing are Dr Nadia Baasher, Dr Habab Hassan, Dr Jaspreet Sokhi and Dr Rashmi Mehta. The hosts from Dragon Bytes this week are Dr Tom Cromarty, Dr Megha Jagga and Dr Assim Javaid.

Om Podcasten

Https:// Twitter: @dragon_bytes Home of DragonBytes paediatric podcast. A medical education podcast from Wales. The podcasts are made by paediatricians for anyone interested in Child Health. Created by Dr Stacey Harris and Dr Assim Javaid. ​ Our podcasts cover a range of themes, with a focus on a different topic every episode. We aim to release a new podcast every Monday with a focus on the following key areas: Basic paediatric revision – Focusing on helping you with tough revision topics (e.g. metabolic conditions, renal medicine, etc) and with giving advice for MRCPCH exams Reflection discussions – Welsh trainees will be regularly submitting their personal reflections to us and a panel of consultants, senior trainees and allied healthcare workers will discuss issues raised by the reflections and advise from their personal experience CoffeePods – Discussions with different people working in paediatrics or involved in child health; Grid trainees, charities, public health campaigners, the list is endless! ​ Listeners are encouraged to send us suggestions for future topics they’d like teaching on. The week before a new revision podcast is to come out, we’ll ask you all what you’d like us to release from our collection!