Next in Retail

What it Means to Be a Big & Nimble Retailer

av Next in Retail | Publicerades 3/3/2020

Publicis Sapient discusses what it takes for retailers to compete in an era where small, agile, digital natives are cannibalizing their sales. Gone are the days when big retailers could slowly adapt to changes around them. In this era where dramatic transformation is a necessity, we explore whether retailers can "dip their toe in" digital transformation, or need to make sweeping changes. Taking pages from those who are successfully adjusting (we're looking at you, Walmart) – where should retailers start in their journey to becoming the proverbial "elephant on the balancing ball"?

Om Podcasten

Publicis Sapient dives into the world of retail. This is a watershed moment for retailers -- many are not up to the challenge of succeeding, or even staying alive, in these times. The imperative for transformation is clear: Retailers need to focus on e-commerce profits, harnessing data to drive growth and seamlessly integrating their offline and online experiences. Net, they need to win in digital. We discuss how retailers can make the seemingly impossible, possible.