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Episode 35: Navigating Life Transitions

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Episode 35:Navigating life Transitions
Going Through ChangesThis time on Pretty Spiritual Podcast, we’re talking about how to find our way through difficult changes in our lives. How flexible and emotionally resilient are we when adapting to change? How can we meet the small ups and downs, as well as the big life transitions, with perspective and a positive outlook? Welcome to the in-between place. Let’s get cozy!So what exactly do we mean when we talk about going through life changes? We’re talking about changes in behaviors, geographical moves, movement and change within relationships, what it’s like switching jobs or careers, the birth and death of people close to us, and all the other situations and circumstances in life subject to impermanence. Well, that’s pretty much all of it!Whether we’re ending relationships or changing careers or simply attempting to let go of old habits or ideas, there are so many times in life when we find ourselves “in transition.” In episode 35, we are neither here nor there. We’re somewhere in between.When we’re going through big changes in our lives, they’re usually easy to identify. But what about the smaller and slower changes, like incremental spiritual growth? Or the more subtle life transitions with respect to our attitudes and core beliefs? Today, we’ll dive into the liminal space in between what has just passed and whatever comes next.The human tendency is to reach for control in the midst of our wild and uncontrollable lives. But we’re finally seeing how these strategies actually cause us more suffering. This means that we’re often impatient with not knowing. This can look like planning outcomes, the experience of fear, a desire to control, feelings of regret about the past, or thinking that we know what the future should look like. So if we are going to suffer in the thick of the human experience, how can we make it as easy as possible to live and make a change for the better ...

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