Pretty Spiritual Podcast

Wondering about who makes Pretty Spiritual Podcast? We’re three friends who came together thanks to a common spiritual journey. We’re constantly experimenting with ways to grow spiritually. The process includes plenty of stumbling, a fair amount of trudging, and a whole lot of not knowing. Through it all, we rely on a sense of humor and our trust of some great goodness carrying us all along. Welcome to Pretty Spiritual. Let’s party!

Sometimes we feel like human beings having a spiritual experience. Other times we feel like spiritual beings having a human experience. Either way, we’re definitely humans. That’s why this podcast isn’t about how to bypass our humanness with spirituality. It’s about how to use spiritual practice to allow ourselves to be fully human. And to love ourselves and each other through the whole, messy process.

We use humor, vulnerability, and our hard-won experience to show how we bring spiritual tools into our daily lives. We want you to feel like you’re in conversation with your spiritual best friends—laughter, tears, inside jokes, and all. Not only has this spiritual path has made our lives worth living, now they’re worth sharing!

We conceived Pretty Spiritual Podcast with the hope that by starting a larger conversation and sharing our experiences we could be of service and connect with others on a similar path. We want to use our experiences to demonstrate our belief that the spiritual path is broad and welcome to all. That’s why spiritual tools can come in so many different forms! From meditation and prayer to making our beds and washing our hair (hopefully at least once a week?), we’ll share about what they are for us and how they’re working today. Join us as we connect, bond, and grow, together.

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Antal Avsnitt: 35 st