203: Responding to "New" AND Weight Management Guidelines, with ASDAH, Dr. Kendrin Sonneville, and Cara Harbstreet MS RD

Ani Janzen MPHD RD, Veronica Garnett MS RD, Dr. Kendrin Sonneville ScD RD, and Cara Harbstreet MS RD joined this episode for a variety of conversations in response to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) "new" suggested guidelines for Adult Weight Management (treatment of "overweight" and "obesity").  CW: stigmatizing and pathologizing language related to body size and BMI category, calorie counts, and harmful views toward marginazlied groups (expressed by the AND) If you have the energy and feel safe engaging in this conversation, click here to view the guidelines and fill out the Public Comment survey before March 25, 2022.  If you are financially able to support the work of ASDAH, go to asdah.org to learn more about their work and how you can support it.  Links we talk about:  AND's "new" guidelines for adult weight management ASDAH's Statement to the Community WIND Statement  Featured Guests:  Ani Janzen MPH RD Veronica Garnett MS RD Dr. Kendrin Sonneville ScD RDN Cara Harbstreet MS RD Reach out anytime: RDRealTalk at Gmail.com Leave a rating or review on Apple Podcasts! Your Host: Heather Caplan RD on IG @heatherdcRD  RD Real Talk Podcast on IG @RDRealTalk

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