210: What Happened in the HAES® Spaces—a conversation with Lindley Ashline and Shelby Gordon

A LOT has happened in the Health at Every Size® and weight-inclusive communities since Marquisele (Mikey) Mercedes published an essay outlining oppressive and harmful interactions with Lindo Bacon on her Patreon. Lindley Ashline shared her own experiences, as did the ASDAH leadership team. You'll find links below to get started, if you missed these essays and posts! Lindley Ashline and Shelby Gordon both joined me on this episode to review what's been happening, and where we go from here. We'll continue to discuss this through community prompts (provided by Lindley) at the June WIND Community Hangout (a free event!).  This episode is sponsored by the WIND Summer Series, where Shelby Gordon is a featured speaker on anti-oppression and white supremacy in nutrition and dietetics. Register here to join us: https://weightinclusivenutrition.teachable.com/p/wind-summer-series-2022 Things to read: "I will never work with you" by Mikey Mercedes "A week into the Lindo-pocalypse" by Mikey Mercedes "Movements, Missing Stairs, and Lindo Bacon" by Lindley Ashline "HAES History and Thinness" by Lindley Ashline "Holding Lindo Bacon Accountable..." by the ASDAH Leadership Team WIND Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WINDwork FREE WIND Community Hangout on 6/7/22 -- join the Fb group or WIND newsletter for more info! Your host: Heather Caplan RD HeatherCaplan.com, @RDRealTalk on IG

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