Ep103: Permission to Live a Vibrant Life with Maraya Brown

Before diving into this episode, here’s a short exercise - look into your eyes through a mirror and ask yourself, “Am I fulfilled?” What's your answer? How did you feel? Do you feel like you are living a full and vibrant life on a daily? If your answer is no or you are not clear with what living a vibrant life means, then Heather’s special gues will help you in this episode. Maraya Brown is an expert in helping women move from exhausted to energized through using food as medicine, addressing mindset, and balancing hormones so you feel turned on by your life, your lover, and yourself. Maraya is is a Yale and Functional Medicine Trained CNM, MSN with her undergraduate degree in marketing. She is the creator and CEO of the Women’s Vibrancy Code and Beyond The Red Tent and has owned a nutrition franchise since 2007. She also runs the podcast The Women's Vibrancy Code. She is a mom, wife, and CEO who left her Fortune 50 Corporate Career to serve women, and her career working with women spans over 20 years. Today, she works online as a women’s health and empowerment expert. In this episode, Maraya talks about what a vibrant life means, how it shows up in your life, and how you can achieve it. She will share her thoughts on being choiceful, becoming more aware of yourself, and advocating for yourself. Maraya will also share her client experience, and her personal experience in her shift from the traditional, strictly allopathic model of healing into her current practice working with women. Make sure you listen to the rest of the episode and get Maraya’s exclusive invitation for you to join her program and her freebie that will help you live a more vibrant and fulfilled life.   Listen to the Episode Now: 0:26 Heather introduces her vibrant and powerful guest, Maraya Brown. 02:45 Maraya talks about what having a vibrant life means? 06:39 Maraya shares her thoughts on how women can be choiceful and have a more vibrant life? 08:03 Maraya shares her thoughts on women finding it hard to drop into our bodies. 13:10 Maraya talks about indicators, what to look for from a provider, and why you need to continue to advocate for yourself. 17:26 Maraya shares what helped her shift from the strictly allopathic model of healing into her current practice working with women.   21:08 Maraya shares about her program and how she helps women have their most vibrant life. 24:17 Maraya talks about life as a journey and recognizing the toxicity in the world. 27:34 Maraya shares her thoughts on perfectionism and feeling safe. 28:52 Maraya talks about her free workshop and what you can expect from it. 31:44 Maraya talks about her amazing freebie- adaptogen elixirs recipes.   Soul Stirring Quotes: “A vibrant life feels like waking in the morning, actually ready for the day.” A vibrant life to me, it means women who really feel like they have clarity on their zone of genius and they're able to express it.” “Sometimes it has to be a deliberate step to drop into your body and actually feel, and you don't need permission.” “The more you get to turn the light switch on in various areas of your life, everything becomes more bright and gratitude expands, and life feels more vibrant in general.” “Number one, you have to stop asking advice to places that people have not been.” “I think it's really important that you get to continue to advocate for yourself and pay attention to how you're feeling.” “If you feel like the only answer is a bandaid on a festering wound, maybe try in the place of self-advocacy to find a new expert until you find that place.” “It's not a destination point, it's a journey and you get to perpetually up level and move the goalposts.” “Every moment of the day, it's toxic. And so we are at all times, most of us living in a high-stress space, whether we realize it or not.” “Perfectionism is canceled here, my friends, we're not looking for perfectionism.” “Get clarity of what it is that you want, why it is that you wanted, and then go find someone that's going to give you the accountability to help you along the journey.”   Connect with the Maraya: Website: https://www.marayabrown.com/  Instagram: @_marayabrown_ The Women’s Vibrancy Code Podcast: https://www.marayabrown.com/podcast     Links Mentioned: Learn about Maraya’s The Women’s Vibrancy Code Program here: https://www.marayabrown.com/program-details  Join The Atmana Intuitive Coach Collective Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/atmanaintuitivecoachcollective  Join the next Live Your Purpose, Launch Your Practice Workshop here: http://www.intuitivecoachlaunch.com/   

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