Ep104: Knowing when to stop, rest, or flat out quit

How do you know when to stop, rest, or flat out quit? What’s the difference between the three?   Whatever endeavor you may be in, you tend to question “Should I stop?”, “Do I need to rest?” or “Is it time to quit?”. In this episode, Heather answers these mind-boggling questions everyone has. She talks about the three concepts - stopping, resting, and quitting.   By the end of this episode, you should be able to know how to manage your time and energy, make the most out of your career, and savor life. So quit your whining, stop what's distracting you now, rest for a bit, and enjoy episode 104! Listen to the Episode Now:   00:27 Heather talks about the inspiration behind this episode   02:04 What is quitting?   03:34 What is stopping?   07:49 What is rest?   10:30 How often should you rest? (The Pomodoro method and how much time you need to put into work in a day)   14:01 Sum-up Soul Stirring Quotes:   “You get to stop as long as it is as challenging or more challenging than the thing that you're working on. And if you can remember that you will never quit anything ever again, a day in your life.”   “You will pivot. You will stop. You will rest, but you will never, ever quit on yourself.”   “Rest is one of the literal most productive things that you could ever do with your time and your energy.” Links Mentioned: Join The Atmana Intuitive Coach Collective Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/atmanaintuitivecoachcollective    Join the next Live Your Purpose, Launch Your Practice Workshop here: http://www.intuitivecoachlaunch.com/ 

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