Ep107: 3 Simple Ways to Trust Your Intuition

Before diving into this episode, do this exercise real quick. Grab a coin. Think about a decision or desire that you have. Know the yes/no answer to that decision or desire. Then flip the coin. What did you get?    Do you know the implications of this quick exercise? Well if not, then go ahead and listen to this episode!   By the way, this episode is an experimental one because Heather actually lets you hear a recent Atmana Experience they had. The Atmana Experience is a free live intuitive coaching incubator for coaches, healers, empaths, and leaders. Each experiential session teaches you how to deeply connect with your power, overcome what’s holding you back, and connect with your truest self.   This session is all about the three simple ways to trust your intuition. Listen to Heather teach how to remove the blocks that hinder your intuitive hits, connect with other intuitives through chat, and experience free laser coaching. Listen to the Episode Now:   03:01 Heather welcomes chat   04:59 What is the Atmana Experience?   07:11 Everything you need to know about Atmana and Heather Alice Shea   09:01 Feeling like you’re always the odd one out? Well, not here. Welcome home.   10:28 Heather’s two questions for you   12:41 Embrace those blocks   13:51 The 3 keys to tune in and trust your intuition more   14:07 #1 key   16:38 #2 key   19:37 The coin exercise   20:37 #3 key   31:33 Live coaching with Deborah   43:39 Live coaching with Ross   52:12 Live coaching with Paula   57:17 You are invited to join the next Atmana Experience   58:24 Wrapping up Soul Stirring Quotes:   “These are not blocks. This is you in process. This is you growing. This is you learning. This is you being right where you are.”   “There is a beauty and a power in accepting right where we are and knowing that it's just our process.”   “Whether we are up on the wheel of life or down at the bottom, this too shall pass.”   “Whether it's the good or the bad, everything goes and everything flows.”   “You are your own greatest teacher, right? You're never going to meet a teacher greater than your own inner wise, intuitive self, your own inner guru.”   “Intuition is the mechanism by which you receive divine truth for yourself.”   “Science has caught up with spirituality. We are living in a miraculous time. We are so lucky to be alive today.”   “What's keeping us from this is all of those things that we think are blocks and obstacles are not blocks and obstacles. They're just a part of ourselves that we need to be where we are and then learn how to love back into alignment.” Links Mentioned: Join The Atmana Intuitive Coach Collective Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/atmanaintuitivecoachcollective Join the next Atmana Experience here:  https://heatheraliceshea.lpages.co/atmana-experience/

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