Ep117: Reading the Akashic Records with Amber Maier

“Every single moment your soul has ever had in every single lifetime is captured in the Akashic records,” says Amber Maier. But what are the Akashic records? Really?   Amber Maier is a Soul Alignment Coach, Healer, and Teacher. She has passion for helping lightworkers discover their soul purpose and passion, awaken and develop their unique gifts, and finally say goodbye to all the things that keep them stuck so they can fully embrace their power and achieve their wildest dreams.   In this episode, Heather brings in Amber to talk about accessing, reading, and working with the Akashic records for yourself or for other people. Spoiler alert - these aren’t all woo, believe us, science is catching up with the art of intuitive work. They also touch on how people form belief systems and why beliefs are essential in helping people get to the root of pain and traumas and how to heal them.   If you are interested in learning more about the Akashic records, this episode is for you, sisters and sirs!   Listen to the Episode Now:   00:29 Welcome to episode 117 01:10 Amber’s story of becoming an intuitive soul coach 05:27 What are the Akashic records? 10:10 The many names of the Akashic records (Is it the book of life?) 14:34 How belief systems are formed and why beliefs are important in healing 17:07 The four roots of belief - Root #1 20:45 The four roots of belief - Root #2 25:20 The four roots of belief - Root #3 31:17 The four roots of belief - Root #4 33:56 Heather’s experience of pulling information from the Akashic records 39:42 How Amber teaches students how to access and read the Akashic records 44:04 Amber’s angel work 46:45 Amber’s advice on people who are interested in working with the Akashic records   Soul Stirring Quotes:   “What the Akashic records are really like an energetic library of your soul.” “Every single moment your soul has ever had in every single lifetime is captured in the Akashic records.” “Ultimately it's about becoming the truth of what your soul is really here to express.” “I think in any healing work, it's that belief work is really foundational piece of healing.” “If you can really get to those roots and what that core belief is and work on healing that, you can start to heal all these different branches of these unhelpful behaviors and things that might manifest in your life.” “Am I carrying more than what is necessary for my own soul's evolution for the collective trying to clear an energetic trauma for the collective that maybe is not something I should be carrying? Or if I am clearing energy for a collective, am I taking on too much?”   Links Mentioned:   Get Your Free Guide, "What Kind of Lightworker Are You?": https://amber-maier.mykajabi.com/opt-in-a6278877-b034-421e-a325-81f4f84e611a   Connect with Amber:   Website: www.ambermaier.com Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/364784925597472  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soulcoach.ambermaier/

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