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Welcome to the gang...the one you never asked to be part of.The Grief Gang podcast was created after host Amber Jeffrey, Mother died unexpectedly at the age of 19. Struggling with her grief and feelings, she set out to find people who just got it and to share the continuous whirlwind experience of this thing called grief.Through sharing her own experiences, the highs and the really low lows, the funny bits, the naff bits and the really confusing bits, this show aims to show you that you are never alone in your grief and feelings. Nor should you have to suffer it alone. You will hear alongside Amber's own experiences on this podcast, an array of guests who honestly & candidly share their own stories of their grief, from all different walks of life and losses. From parent, child, sibling, partner & more, there is hopefully something here for everybody.You will most likely cry, even more likely to laugh when listening to this show, but above all this show aims to provide you with hope. Hope that there is life after loss..and a bloody good one at that.The Grief Gang podcast has been celebrated by the BBC, Channel 5, Vogue, Women's Health UK & Australia and more. Amber's dedicated passion to her community and work of breaking down the taboo conversation of grief, has been recognised globally from media to the academic world. Delivering talks, panel discussions and workshops at the likes of Cambridge University, Westminster & the first international grief conference in Denmark.Follow on Instagram here. Follow on Facebook here. Follow on Twitter here. Follow on Youtube here. Visit The Grief Gang website here. "Open and honest...Amber navigates the conversation around grief so truthfully. There’s always something I’m able to resonate to and I find this podcast a great comfort. Thank you!"Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/thegriefgang. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.